SOLAKZADE was started as an appointment only showroom by the brothers, Tatsuya Okamoto and Rio Okamoto in Osaka 2005.

Their grandfather was a smart and cool independent detective, who loved Borsalino hats, Art-Deco Gold Jewelries and Dior Monsieur sunglasses. He has been the most important icon for SOLAKZADE since its start.

Okamoto brothers has been addicted to digging vintage eyewear firstly.

They enjoy wearing them in their own style inspired by old heroes and has been doing research and development about the knowledge by Tatsuya and the technique by Rio.

Tatsuya has been studying different details (hinge, material, design, finish of the craft or manufacturing) of vintage frames from different eras and got to know how to tell when a vintage frame comes from. He collected original catalogues of Ray-Ban dating from 1940s-1990s and found their material and design transition, and read their business strategy transition of every decade and then saw background of society, economy, values of people, music, fashion, politics etc. He studies optics to do eye test and to judge prescription for persons.

Rio studying techniques to adjust frames for persons, repairing broken or damaged frames and making prototype frames in our own design by using vintage machines in those days’ ways.

By connecting dots, Tatsuya and Rio have been weaving the whole vintage eyewear category, which was not anywhere.

In 2012, SOLAKZADE completely moved to Tokyo to open their boutique in the heart of Harajuku, Omotesando, Tokyo.

Carrying the world’s biggest stocks, more than 10,000 pairs of only dead stock vintage eyewear from 1800s to 1990s with professional eye test service and prescription lenses there.

In 2013, SOLAKZADE started making their own designs but the projects are still unofficial, secret, under the table at their boutique.

Brothers never do just a copy of vintage shape. Brothers are not into such a surface of vintage. Brothers know more real, vivid, graphic, living vintage, which is hard to be found.

Brothers are trying to create something greatest in optical and jewelry history. But American Optical in 1920s and Cartier in 1980s are greatest in crazy ways so that’s a real hard job the brothers really feel. And Brothers are now doing luxury craft like 1800s using solid gold and sterling silver and real tortoiseshell. The designs, the details are coming from different eras from history.

In 2015, SOLAKZADE officially started offering vintage and antique gold jewelry.

Tatsuya and Rio studies GIA’s diamond knowledge and know the best quality from each era’s antique and vintage by going to not only England, Paris like other antique dealers. Brothers need to get for themselves so mens vintage and antique jewelries are their targets. And Brothers also found the ideal gifts for lovers are vintage engagement diamond rings.

Now SOLAKZADE has been the global pioneer and leader of this small and stimulating industry.

Since 2015, Brothers do eyewear and jewelry styling for cinemas in Hollywood and Tokyo.