1930s "RIMLESS 3-PIECE" FUL-VUE by MARTIN COPELAND: Antique Eyeglasses / by solakzade


Do you know "RIMLESS"?

A type of eyeglasses in which the lenses are mounted directly to the bridge and/or temples.

RIMLESS is divided into 2 subtypes;

"3-PIECE" frames are composed of a bridge and 2 separate temple arms.

"RIMWAY" frames feature a supporting arch that connects the temples to the bridge and gives extra stability for the lenses.









Especially 3-PIECE type is our favorite as we can make any shape lenses in any sizes as we like because the lenses are mounted by only 2 screws.

Now classic designs are in fashion but RIMLESS is rarely seen and only at Solakzade it has been popular in Tokyo recently.


Year: 1930s

Country: USA

Brand: Martin Copeland Co.

Model: Marcourt

All New Old Stock Never Worn / デッドストック未使用品


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