Antique Frames with 12 Karat Gold Filled (made in 1891-1930s) / by solakzade

In 1891, AMERICAN OPTICAL made the 1st Gold-Filled frame. In the early 1900s, Gold was cheap in the US. So frames were often made with the material of 1/10 12 Karat Gold-Filled. They are so expensive now that almost manufacturers cant use this luxurious material. (If you can find new Gold-Filled frames, they are surely more than $500!) Thanks to this good material, we can still use them without any special care. Antique frames are so difficult to find as deadstocks so we need to restore them. At SOLAKZADE, I take time to wash Gold-Filled antique frames in hot water and then they will get luster again. アンティークの金張りフレーム。1891年にAMERICAN OPTICAL社が初の金張りフレームを製造して以来、20世紀初頭にはほとんどのフレームに"1/10 12K GF"の刻印が見られます。アンティークフレームはどうしてもデッドストックの発掘は困難なためユーズドを仕入れますので、メンテナンスを入念に施します。金張りフレームは手入れが簡単で、お湯に長時間浸け洗いをし、表面を磨いてやることで汚れや緑錆を取り除き、金の輝きを取り戻します。